Providing Alcohol to a Minor

If you are charged with purchasing or providing alcohol to a minor, under Tennessee criminal law you are facing a criminal prosecution that can result in fines, loss of your driver’s license, and a permanent criminal record.

If you are not guilty of the charges, it is important to protect yourself from the penalties you could face. We will fight for you and explain your situation. We will challenge the prosecution to prove every element of the charges, beyond a reasonable doubt, or you should be found not guilty.

But if you made a mistake, we understand. You may not have considered the serious implications of that decision. For example, if you are a young person of legal age, and you have some friends who are under 21, But the situation is serious, and losing your license is a big problem for most people. It means you can’t get around, to work, to school, and can result in a job loss if you must have a license to work.

And a permanent criminal record can be a real issue for many people. A criminal conviction that will show up on a background check for the rest of your life could result in many difficulties for you in the future. Not getting a job, not getting an apartment.. You don’t know what that black mark on your record could mean to you in the future.

You should not be severely punished for a dumb mistake and a bad decision. Our attorneys will fight to get the charges reduced or dismissed whenever possible.

During a free consultation, we can discuss the specifics of you case. And we will let you know if we think we can beat the charges, save your license, and keep your record clean.

So call our law offices for a free case evaluation on charges of providing alcohol to a minor in Tennessee.

Laws & Penalties – Providing Alcohol to a Minor

Providing alcohol to a minor is a Class A misdemeanor, which can result in penalties of:

  • License loss up to 1 year
  • Community service: up to 100 hours
  • 1 year probation

Ref: TCA 39-15-404

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