Tennessee Domestic Assault/Violence Laws

Facing domestic violence charges could quite possibly be the worst time in your life. Not only are you facing potential jail time, but your family is probably in turmoil. When you are under stress like this you need an experienced defense attorney who you can trust to defend your right in court. We work only for you, don’t judge you, and will challenge the court on your behalf. You are innocent until proven guilty.

Because of the relationships involved in domestic cases, they are often the most emotionally charged. When two people love each other or are family, the emotions run deep. You may feel like you have already been found guilty of the charges or that everyone is out to get you. You may even feel betrayed by your family.

If you are not guilty of the offense you have been accused of or if you made a mistake you now regret, we can help. We have handled many domestic violence cases in Tennessee criminal courts. We are interested in helping you with yours.

And even if you feel that you made a terrible mistake, we can help try to fix the problem with the minimum penalties possible, so you can get on with your life.

Find out for yourself what we can do to help by taking advantage of our free consultation.

What is a “Domestic” Relationship?

Contrary to what many people think, domestic relationships are not just between husbands and wives. As classified under Tennessee domestic violence/domestic assault laws, a domestic relationship can be any of the following:

  • Spouse
  • Former spouse
  • Someone related by blood or marriage
  • Roommate
  • Person with whom you have children

Ref: TCA 39-13-111

Typically when the police respond to a domestic situation they will immediately remove who they believe the aggressor is in the situation. If you are released from jail pending court, a temporary protection order will be put in place to keep you away from the alleged victim.

Even if you are not guilty of the domestic offense, you must abide by the terms of a protection order or face additional criminal charges.

What are the Possible Penalties with a Domestic Assault Charge?

While domestic assault will not get you additional criminal charges apart from a normal assault charge, the assault could have larger fines and differences in sentencing alternatives. For example, an assault on a stranger brings up to one year in jail. Basic domestic assault also carries a potential sentence of one year in jail.

And under Tennessee Domestic violence laws, you also face the loss of the right to carry a weapon, for life.

A judge may sentence you to anger management, counseling, or additional fines if the assault was domestic in nature. In addition, once convicted, the protection order will likely be extended for a period of one year.

Can I Beat the Charges?

Yes, it is possible in many cases, but it many not be easy. Tennessee prosecutors almost never dismiss domestic assault charges. Even if the evidence is weak or non-existence, or even if the supposed victim doesn’t want to press charges, it can still take some serious legal defense work to win your case. Sometimes the prosecutor would rather lose at trial then make a reasonable deal, since losing isn’t as politically dangerous.

But an experienced defense lawyer will know how to argue a domestic case, with the district attorneys’, and in front of a jury if necessary.

We can also fight for a dismissal or reduction in charges for agreeing to anger management classes, or other possibilities.

But everything depends on the facts of your case. And the sooner we can get to work, the more options we will have in your defense. Call today for a case evaluation, and we’ll lay out all your options for you, with no obligation.

Get a Free Consultation on A Domestic Violence Charge in Tennessee

If you are facing domestic violence charges in Tennessee, we can help. We know the Tennessee courts and how to successfully defend domestic assault cases. Call for a consultation on your case today.

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