Criminal Impersonation

Criminal Impersonation is a form of identity theft, and is a misdemeanor criminal offense in Tennessee. A typical case of criminal impersonation is when a person uses a false social security number to get a job, so there is a lot of overlap with criminal impersonation offenses and immigration cases.

Tennessee criminal impersonation charges may be applied in cases where there is an “intent to defraud”, or there is actual “injury or fraud upon another person”. An identity theft charge must also include the intent to commit an unlawful act. (See my identity theft page for more details.)

Any criminal charge is a serious situation that you need to deal with. You are at risk of jail time, fines, and a permanent criminal record that could follow you for life. And if you have immigration issues, deportation is a significant risk if you are found guilty. Fighting the charges in court may be your best way to avoid all of these outcomes.

Free Consultation on Criminal Impersonation Laws or Identity Theft in Tennessee

If you are facing these or related criminal offense in Tennessee, please contact our law offices for a case evaluation. We’ll offer you our legal advice on your criminal case, and suggest defense options to help you work through this situation.

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